Bio-Natural Cosmetic Injections

Bio-Natural cosmetic Injections.
Our Bio-Natural Cosmetic Injections stimulate your endogenous collagen and hyaluronic acid production

What are Bio-Natural Cosmetic Injections?

Bio-Natural Cosmetic Injections are homeopathic, skin-loving medicines formulated to stimulate your skin’s endogenous collagen and hyaluronic acid production. These injections can be incorporated into your holistic rejuvenation program along with microneedling and cosmetic acupuncture to increase and maintain your results.

How Do Bio-Natural Cosmetic Injections Work?

The injections assist with firming, toning and lifting your skin’s tissue without the use of any fillers. After you relax with numbing cream under the LED Light, I inject the formulas into specific acupuncture points of the face, neck and hands. (For most people “aging” first starts to show in the neck and sometimes the hands, so I incorporate them into your session.) I then treat specific areas of concern discussed in your free consultation, such as sagging skin or extra wrinkles/creases. This may involve tiny shallow injections or cannulating the wrinkles to infiltrate the skin with nourishment.

What Is The Treatment Protocol?

For best results patients receive Injections once per week for a cycle of 7-10 weeks. Results are maintained with return visit touch-ups quarterly.

Can I Have The Injections If I Had Cosmetic Surgery, Botox Or Fillers?

Yes. We will work together to optimize your results and timing of other procedures. I recommend waiting 2-4 weeks after botox or fillers before having bio-natural injections. This allows your other treatments to integrate into your skin tissues.

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