Point Injection Therapy

Point Injection Therapy
Point Injection Therapy helps pain, stress, metabolism, anxiety, insomnia, scars and more.

What Is Point Injection Therapy?

Point injection therapy, also called acupuncture injection or acupoint injection, is an Eastern Medicine modality that treats numerous conditions.  It involves the injection of medicinal/botanical substances into acupuncture and trigger points.  By using the meridian pathways, we create a dual benefit of activating the point while enhancing the pharmacological effect of the injected substance. 

Does It Hurt?

I use a very tiny gauge needle and most of my patients barely feel the injection.

What Are The Benefits Of Point Injection?

  • Enhanced clinical results.  The acupuncture point and meridian system remained activated for a longer duration after the injection creating longer lasting results.
  • Directs the substance to where it is needed.
  • Great for those who don’t want to swallow pill supplements or have gut issues that inhibit proper absorption of nutrients and medications.  

What Types Of Injections Are Available?

  • Healthy Weight:  Enhance your metabolism with this lipotropic and vitamin formula. 
  • Methyl B12:  Enhance your energy, metabolism, and detoxification while improving your skin.  Methyl B12
  • Tranquility Mind:  A botanical blend to ease insomnia, high stress, anxiety.
  • Immunity Support:  Engystol Prevent colds and flu, and recurrent infections with this immune supporting formula.
  • Pain Dissolve:  Relief from your physical pain.
  • Scar Treatment:  Scar tissue remodeling and reduction. Relief from discomfort and pulling with enhanced cellular communication of the tissues. 
  • Svelte Sculpt: Reduce adipose in selected areas. Mesotherapy and point injection procedures combined.

How Long Do The Injections Take?

Point injections are quick and easy.  Most injections take less than 10 minutes except for scar treatments.  You may add Injections to your other treatments or have them separately.  Many patients pop in on their breaks or while running errands. 

Does Insurance Cover Point Injection ?

Point injections are not covered by insurance. 

What frequency is needed for acupoint injections?  

Most patients benefit from a series of weekly shots for 1-3 months, then a schedule of twice a month or monthly after that followed by a maintenance plan. During your first visit, we will recommend a treatment plan customized to you.