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Frowning on the use of Botox (because I can)

What I mean is that since I haven’t had Botox, I can still furrow my brow and let the expressions out of my face. I don’t condemn or judge anyone for using Botox or having cosmetic surgery..I feel everyone should make the choices that are best for them. I’m merely suggesting that you read Siri Carpenter’s Los Angeles Times article and consider what your are giving up by shunting the emotional connection between your face and brain.

I have been treating patients with acupuncture for over 10 years. In my experience, most facial lines and creases are the result of our thoughts and expressions. As we proceed through time, these “character” lines get locked in our facial musculature which in turn etch their way into our skin. Acupuncture provides one of the most powerful tools to naturally release the negative emotions that contribute an aged face. This is my favorite part of acupuncture. Acupuncture won’t delete your feelings or take anything away from you. Emotions are part of the human condition. It simply opens the doors through your meridians so that the toxic build up of grief, sadness, anger and rage, may gently float out when you are ready.