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Fire Cupping 30 Minute Treatment

Fire Cupping

What is Fire Cupping?

Fire Cupping is a medical procedure with immediate health benefits.  Specialized glass cups are placed on acupuncture points along the back corresponding to the organ systems.  The cups are then gently moved along the meridians, promoting blood flow and stimulating the release of toxins.  This treatment is very relaxing and soothing.

As cupping brings some of those toxins to the surface, it will cause temporary marks. The marks will fade within 24 hours and typically disappear within three to four days, though in some cases they may linger for a week or two.

What are the benefits of Fire Cupping?

  • Loosens up your tight, sore muscles and fascia surrounding the muscle fibers
  • Increases the range of motion and flexibility of the area
  • Promotes the circulation of blood and interstitial fluids in your muscle and skin tissues, which is essential in maintaining your health and well being
  • Assists the liver in removing toxins from your body
  • Perfect for transitioning between seasons & maintaining wellness

Post Treatment Care

After treatment, please keep the area protected from wind, cold and direct sun until the cupping marks fade. Patients are also encouraged to rest, drink plenty of water and eat moderately.


For more information about therapeutic cupping, please read A Cupping Mark Is Not A Bruise, by Bruce Bentley.