Fall Treatments And New Products!

With the Fall Season, its the perfect time to refresh your skin and add some brightness to your day.

LED for Pain, Rejuvenation & Inflammation
LED Therapy for Pain, Rejuvenation & Inflammation

Did you know that I offer LED Therapy as a stand alone treatment or an add-on service for the same price? It’s $35 and only takes 30 minutes of blissful napping on your part.

Come in, take a break and get refreshed. LED therapy has many benefits.

What is LED Therapy, you may ask?

Light Emitting Diode (LED) phototherapy is the application of light energy to tissue to improve cellular performance.

Research has shown that phototherapy can: increase circulation, accelerate tissue repair, decrease inflammation, improve skin tone and wrinkles, texture and clarity, ease muscle and joint pain, stiffness, spasm and arthritis and kill acne bacteria, and much more. For more info, click here.

Another great self-care treatment I love to do in the Fall is the The Qi Glow Facial. As summer fades away, it’s a great time to both nourish and shed dry skin to keep it properly functioning as your outermost protective layer. This gentle, relaxing treatment, with the power of proteolytic enzymes, steam, Gua Sha and scalp massage, will leave your face refreshed and glowing.

The Qi Glow by Desiree
The Qi Glow Facial

Fire Cupping & Gua Sha paired with an essential oil infused, scalp massage add-on are my go to treatments for seasonal transitions. Both of these improve circulation, loosen adhesions and stiffness, and help your body gently detox, relax and restore.

Fire Cupping & Gua Sha

Ready for a seasonal tune-up? Book your session here.

I’ve stocked up on 3 of my favorite, skincare products for you!

Mychelle Trio

I have been using the products myself for the last year, and have incorporated them into my clinic treatments: The Qi Facial, Microcurrent, Microneedling, & Cosmetic Acupuncture.

They are naturally scented from real ingredients, without synthetic added fragrances or endocrine disruptors.

The pumpkin cleanser smells like a real fresh pumpkin. They are non-greasy and suitable for all skin types. You can order them here:

Creamy Pumpkin Cleanser
Ultra Hyaluronic Beauty Mist
Ultra Hyaluronic Water Mask

Or simply text / email me.

I offer the products individually for $15 each, (the same 20% off rate as my Fullscript Dispensary).

Ask for a sample when you’re here, or play with the testers on the shelf!

Wishing you a peaceful and abundant Fall season!


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