Tips For Allergies

Tips For Allergies

I’ve prepared a list of Do It Yourself tips for allergies to help survive the allergy season.  These will also complement your acupuncture treatments.

I have seen many more intense allergy cases this year than usual.  There seems to be a new pollen or allergen blooming every 2 weeks in the Puget Sound. The itchy, watery eyes, foggy thinking, annoying headaches and fatigue can be debilitating and steal your inner peace.

Here are the tips for allergies:

1. Rinse hands and face often throughout the day when pollen or dust is present.

2. Wash bedding frequently or at least the pillowcase.  You can also buy some inexpensive hand towels and place a new one over your pillow each night. Make sure you wash the towels before using.  See Tip# 4.

3. Get rid of any scented household cleaning products, personal care products, and candles. Opt for natural, chemical free ones.  Avoid using any air fresheners altogether. This reduces the allergen load on your body and immune system. Scented products (soaps, carpet powder, laundry detergent, household cleaning) tend to cling to fabrics, carpets and other porous surfaces leaving behind a filmy stale residue, long after the “fresh scent” is gone. This residue collects other odors and stagnates the air in your living space. If you do enjoy fragrance (I do), choose a natural essential oil, or a fragrance that you like and aren’t allergic to, and use it sparingly, but not during a flare up.

4. Wash all new clothes, towels and bedding before using to remove the chemicals used in manufacturing.

5. Scalp & face massage: When you feel foggy and are suffering from allergies. The scalp is covered in acupuncture points. Gently massage the whole scalp and spend extra time on any tender areas you find.

6. Acupressure:  See points I drew on the image below.  UB2, St 3, Qiuhou, Gb1, yuyao, ub1, basically circling the orbits of the eyes, then press Li 20 and then massage GB21.  Also firm tapping or massage of GB21 (located at the top of your shoulders in the trapezius muscle) will help release tension and promote drainage.

Pressure points for seasonal allergies.

7. Change air filters often if you have a heating or cooling system in your home or work place. This will save on your energy bill too. Also wipe down and clean your fans in your office or home.

8. Eucalyptus/peppermint steam with pure medical grade essential oil.  Boil some filtered water and remove from stove, let cool until comfortable, add a few drops and cover head with towel while leaning over pot.  Also gives your home a refreshing uplifting experience.

9. Move the lymph fluids in the body by gently applying rolling pressure to the area around the armpits and neck and clavicle.  You can do this lightly with your hand.  The lymph system is a passive drainage and firm pressure doesn’t work as well as light.

10. Drink plenty of water to keep your organs working optimum levels.  This will replenish your body as it flushes out the allergens. 

Have you tried any of these tips for allergies? Let me know what works for you.

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Originally published Oct 17, 2014

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