Quick Easy Broccoli

Gai Lan Quick Easy Broccoli
Gai Lan (Chinese Broccoli) A great source of DIM and pre-biotic fiber.

Quick Easy Broccoli recipe! If you are looking for a quick, easy way to up your nutrient content without a lot of hard work or culinary expertise, this dish is for you. Gai Lan aka Chinese broccoli, is a good whole food source of diindolylmethane (DIM) and pre-biotic fiber. DIM is anti-inflammatory and research is underway evaluating its effects on cancer. DIM is also available in supplement form, and widely available in stores and online. In Chinese medicine, leafy green vegetables are bitter in nature and help rid the body of stagnation. Stagnation is considered a primary cause of pain and bloating in the body. Pre-biotic fiber is the nutrient that supports your gut health by nourishing your gut biome, enhancing your body’s elimination process.


  • 1 bunch Gai Lan (always available at Uwajimaya in Seattle) or any dark leafy greens.
  • 1 T sesame oil or avocado oil. Both are great for higher heat cooking.
  • Sprinkle of sesame seeds
  • Pinch of flake sea salt (optional)


  • Wash your greens throughly in cool water and pat dry.
  • Cut the stems from the leaves and retain both
  • Chop or slice the stems into small pieces.
  • Roll the leaves up together and slice into 1/4 inch pieces.
  • Warm your pan or wok to medium high and pour in the oil.
  • Place the chopped stems in your pan and fry until the color starts to deepen.
  • Toss in the leaves and stir for a moment then remove, top with sesame seeds and salt (if desired) and serve immediately. Don’t overcook; Gai Lan is best eaten lightly braised to retain its best flavor.
  • Enjoy!

Quick Easy Broccoli Recipe Notes:

Feel free to add any sauces or condiments you enjoy. Suggestions: sriracha, coconut aminos, pepper, lemon juice, garlic, ginger, tahini sauce.

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