New Service! The Qi Glow

The Qi Glow

The Qi Glow by Desiree
The Qi Glow

Get your zen back while you relax and rejuvenate. Release stress, tension and lymphatic puffiness from the face, head and neck with the Qi Glow. Our skin is our interface with the world, and in Eastern Medicine, the skin relates to the large intestine and helps us eliminate toxins and waste.

Your treatment begins with a hydrating steam of your face, and decadent Himalayan scalp massage infused with custom essential oils, followed by a mild, highly effective enzyme peel that gently exfoliates keratinized dead skin cells and decongests your skin.

A wave of Guasha stones dissolve all the stress and puffiness away from your face and neck promoting lymph system detox.

Next a pearl mask nourishes, brightens, tones and fades away dark spots and under eye circles.

Your journey concludes with the application of hydrating potions and serums while you take a well deserved nap, basking in the therapeutic glow of LED light.

Saunter off the table revived, glowing and ready to conquer your day radiating with positive vibes

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