New Services With Desiree

Spring is coming, time for new services!

For those of you out there experiencing a lot of fatigue, stress and exhaustion, I created a relaxation treatment to help you feel more calm and nourished. This new offering, The Retreat-ment, is designed to allow a pause in your day for self care.

Take time for selfcare today….

The Retreat-ment

Take a mini retreat and relax in your own private oasis as the stress floats away from your body and mind.

A shiatsu massage pillow kneads away tension from your neck. Enjoy an LED light over your face giving your skin the ultimate glow-up by increasing circulation, & tissue repair; reducing wrinkles, inflammation & acne.

Your hands and feet are cocooned in plant-based emollients & pure essential oils to soften & hydrate your skin while heated therapy wraps soothe your joints.

Book Your Selfcare Today!

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