21 Tips For Staying Cool & Calm In Heat Waves

Here is a collection of my favorite Tips for staying cool in heat waves during summer in Seattle.

21 Quick Tips For Staying Cool & Calm In Heat Wave
Prepare Now For Heat Wave
  1. Check on your elders and neighbors even if you think they are fine.
  2. Wet small towels and put them in freezer or fridge.  Then apply them around your neck. 
  3. Plunge your palms in cold/ice water.  The palms have meridians and vascular pathways that will speed your cool down. 
  4. Dump out your ice maker and restart a fresh batch now. Stale ice tastes funny.
  5. Use dixie cups to freeze water if you don’t have an ice maker, and apply them along your neck, shoulders and feet for a quick cool down. 
  6. Limit oven and dryer usage or use early morning.  Try out line drying laundry items for reducing heat exhaust and for energy conservation.
  7. Wear soft, loose fitting, breathable clothes.  
  8. Keep blinds closed during the warm part of the day.
  9. Run multiple fans in your home if you can.
  10. Watermelon is used in Chinese medicine for heat/sunstroke.  You can also freeze watermelon cubes for mini popsicle treats.
  11. Fill dixie cups or smaller cups with fruits and water or juices then freeze for a cooling treat.
  12. Store your aromatherapy sprays in fridge and mist your face and feet.
  13. Add extra water bowls for pets. They need more than you think and need fresh water changes through the day.
  14. Dip pet paws in water to cool them down.
  15. Hydrate often thru the day.  Add a pinch of sea salt to your water for electrolytes unless your doctor has restricted your fluid or salt intake.
  16. Exercise earlier in the day to avoid overheating.
  17. Take a tip from dogs: Inhale/exhale while sticking out your tongue.  This will help release heat from your body.
  18. Limit time on the road or plan to leave earlier in the day to minimize stress.
  19. Keep glass water bottles in car so heat doesn’t extract plastic toxins into your water
  20. Allow yourself to rest. 
  21. Take a breath and have compassion for yourself and others.  Heat waves can also ignite tempers.  
Female drinking a bottle of water
Hydration Is Key For People And Pets

Do you have tips for staying cool? I’d love to hear your ideas. 🙂



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