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Micro Needling by Desiree Merulli

MicroNeedling Coming Soon

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  • Micro Needling by Desiree Merulli
  • Micro Needling by Desiree Merulli

Microneedling is coming to Merulli Acupuncture & Wellness. As a acupuncturist specializing in holistic rejuvenation and wellness, I am excited to offer a new service to help my patients feel their best. Microneedling is one of the earlier forms of acupuncture. The 7 Star Hammer or Plum Blossom Needle was used since ancient times for healing, rejuvenation and even hair loss.

Dermal pens are a modern version of these tools. I use a medical grade, professional use only pen for my patients. This pen penetrates the skin to the ideal depth to create collagen induction and tighten and lift the skin.

Many of the consumer pens on the market today are not medical grade. The key difference is that the profession dermal pens oscillate up and down to puncture the skin properly and uniformly, while the consumer pens vibrate back and forth to scratch the skin.

After your treatment, you will enjoy a rich soothing face mask and given home care instructions. For best results treatments are 1 month apart.

If you would like more info or to be notified when microneedling is available, please send me an email.

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