You’re Invited! Free Yoga Classes September-November

I have posted 2 new yoga class series and wanted to invite you to attend. My classes are all levels, focused on the beginner as well as the advanced student. You are welcome to join anytime, and participate at the level that works for you or you may simply rest on the mat and take a break from your day. 🙂

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Energizing Vinysasa Flow

Enjoy a fun, energizing, flow class focused on detox & stress reduction. Sequence rooted in power Vinyasa to enhance your fluidity and strength. Use your breath to build heat, release toxins, & regain focus. All levels and everyone welcome! Feel free to invite a friend.

9/6 Thursday 1:15-2:15
9/12 Wednesday 2:15-3:15
9/27 Thursday 1:15-2:15
10/4 Thursday 1:15-2:15
10/11 Thursday 11:45-12:45
10/18 Thursday 2:15-3:15
10/24 Wednesday 12:15-1:15
11/1 Thursday 1:15-2:15
11/8 Thursday 11:45-12:45
11/15 Thursday 1:15-2:15
11/21 Wednesday 1:15-2:15
11/29 Thursday 1:15-2:15

Restorative Flow Yoga

Refresh & restore deeply with mindfulness. Focus on your breath as a tool to enhance the elasticity of your fascia and heal your connective tissues. Gentle supported poses are held longer to allow the body & mind to release tension so you may fully relax for an extended Savasana. All levels and everyone welcome! Feel free to invite a friend.

9/20 Thursday 1:15-2:15
10/4 Thursday 5:15-6:15

As space is limited, it is helpful to me if you register for the classes online.

Mats provided. ☺

All Classes are held in Winter Garden Atrium at the Medical Dental Building, on the 3rd floor  509 Olive Way Seattle, WA 98101


Classes are be posted Online for easy reference and registration.

Thank you for being a part of my practice!

Peace and health,


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