Free Scalp Massage When You Book Fire Cupping By 10/31


Did you know that Fire Cupping is a perfect wellness treatment to transition between the seasons?

Specialized glass cups are placed along acupuncture points on the back for the ultimate seasonal tune-up. The cups are then gently moved to invigorate and soothe your muscle tissues. This rejuvenating treatment feels amazing and is very relaxing.

What Does Fire Cupping Do?

    • Loosens up your tight, sore muscles and fascia surrounding the muscle fibers
    • Increases the range of motion and flexibility
    • Promotes the circulation of blood and interstitial fluids of your muscles and skin, an
    • essential element for your health and well being
    • Assists the liver in removing toxins from your body
    • Uplifts your mood for optimum wellness

Bonus Offer: Book Your Fire Cupping Session Now through October 31st and receive a free Merulli Signature Essential Oil Scalp Massage.

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