Movement is Essential to Health

Please do not be discouraged by Scott Hensley’s NPR article, Fighting Fat in Middle Age Takes Hard Work. The article cites a study that concluded people need to exercise an hour a day to prevent weight gain.

While I don’t dispute the validity of the study, people need to move their bodies anyway, so please don’t be intimidated by the daily hour commitment. Exercise and physical movement are essential to your health and wellness. Moving your body is another way to circulate Qi through your meridians and improve your health. Even plants stuck in the ground or in pots do a form of yoga or tai chi daily.  Yesterday, I caught my african mask plant changing leaf positions throughout the day. 

Even if you have a long way to go in restoring your health, you can start with deep breathing, gentle stretching and walking.  Acupuncture can also give you a boost by gently stimulating your metabolism, increasing your energy level and balancing out your cravings and moods.

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