For weight loss, BMI is bogus

In my entire life I have only met 2 people who said "I’m too thin and trying to gain weight".  Have you ever stepped on a scale on a day when you felt OK, then looked down and had your mood ruined by a number?   In my experience using the BMI (body mass index) and weighing your self compulsively every day only serve to increase your stress and lower self-esteem which ends up becoming a form of self-terrorism. 

While there are trends to loose weight in the summer, during holidays and for special events, it’s much healthier for your body and your psyche to shoot for a healthy balance of exercise and nutrition overall.

Some of my patients have asked about acupuncture for weight loss.  Acupuncture alone will not automatically shed pounds, but rather helps to support your weight loss effort by minimizing cravings while increasing energy and metabolism in the body.

Check out Keith Devlin’s NPR article for the top 10 reasons why BMI is bogus.

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